To astonish, to stun,
to seduce

Magpies are we. Figa & Co has an eye for all that dazzles.

In any situation the well chosen or well placed object can create the impact you desire.

Unique design

From our Suffolk Studio we collect and create hand-painted furniture, murals, paintings, mirrors and beautiful curios. Pieces draw inspiration from the craftsmanship of timeworn but glorious furniture, the power and variation of great art and the unique quality achieved by merging the two. 


At Figa we delight in the beautiful and the beautifully crafted. We scour the world to find uncommon objets d’art and decorative items to add that touch of glamour to any interior.

Unique design and artistry combine to give timeworn but serviceable furniture a new place in the spotlight.

For more information, or to discuss your requirements for props or decorative interior objects, please contact us.